Documentaries, Photography and Video Imagery

Born out of the love for wildlife and nature, Ferret Fred Productions is an independent multimedia wildlife documentary and educational production company, focusing on wildlife, conservation efforts and environmental issues facing the Neotropic Ecozone.

We create eye-catching multimedia productions that are informative in subject matter . . . designed to educate and create awareness of matters influencing our environment . . . to improve basic understanding of the natural world through video . . . connecting people with nature and inspiring them to protect and conserve wildlife.

Our company seeks to motivate our youth to become involved . . . to build a wildlife conservation mentality leading to their involvement in research, education, and community-based conservation projects thru our  Wild Side of Art Educational Outreach Program.

In addition to our multimedia productions, the images and video we have collected are available for your use in feature films, documentaries, commercials, internet, ebooks and press, and can be found on the Red Frog Gallery website.

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Wildlife and Natural World Audio Recordings

During our travels we attempt to capture the sounds of nature undisturbed by man made noise. A single bird singing in the morning, a babbling brook, wind whispering through the trees.

We use this audio in our own video, and offer it on the Red Frog Gallery website.

If you do not have the ability to edit the audio clip to the length that you need, we would be more than happy to help you with that.

Or if you do not find the sounds you are looking for, please contact us, as we are going through new recordings every day that may fit your needs.

mockingbird morning
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Wild Side of Art Educational Outreach Program

Ferret Fred Productions believes that all children should have equal opportunity to experience nature and a family's ability to pay should not be a deterrent to gaining these experiences.

Free Book Distribution

In collaboration with Yaguareté Publishing we provide free distribution of nature based books to the poor and under-privileged, throughout the Neotropic Ecozone through our Wild Side of Art Educational Outreach Program. We believe that these books will provide children with the inspiration to want more contact with nature, to make a greater investment in nature and to learn that protecting the natural world is not only required to save the creatures that we share this world with, but for our own survival as well.

Free Wildlife Film Showings

In conjunction with our book distribution, we offer free showings of wildlife and conservation films that we have created or that we have been so generously been given permission to show.

Neotropic Photo Contest

We are working toward creating the Neotropic Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, to which each of our youthful explorers will be eligible to submit one photograph. Our goal is to make the Neotropic Ecozone Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition an annual event to promote conservation through photography, art and film as well as to showcase the work of the talented people of the Neotropic Ecozone.

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About Us

Ferret Fred Productions was born out of love of wildlife and the natural world by photographer and digital artist 'beth Hayes and freelance wildlife photographer, author and Master Wildlife Conservationist Roy DuVerger

'beth is an award winning photographer and a graduate of duCret School of Art. She has also studied at Traphagen School of Fashion, Florida State University and John C. Campbell Folk School. Her work has been displayed in single and group shows in New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida, and is represented in private and corporate collections. She currently splits her time between her left-brain creative pursuits and a seriously right-brained career that pays the travel expenses.

Roy is an accomplished outdoorsman, Master Wildlife Conservationist with formal education in Wildlife and Forestry Conservation, freelance wildlife photographer and author. As founder and past president of the Apalachee Ecological Conservancy, he developed a real understanding of the scarcity of environmental educational programs and opportunities available to children and teens.

Ferret Fred Productions maintains a company policy to promote educational awareness of the natural world and wildlife that relies on our actions for their very survival.

Believing that both electronic media and publishing is vital for this, we maintain a specialized production company situated in Caribbean Islands focusing on natural world and wildlife related Photography, Videography, Audio and Publications. We seek to:

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Our production crew will be in Puerto Rico Mid February 2017. If you have a need for some stills or video for an upcoming project please contact us.

establishing working relationship with newly formed windhover conservancy for photography and video services

ferret fred productions introduced its "wild side of art educational outreach program" on June 27th

Our production crew will be in North Carolina June 2016. If you have a need for some stills or video for an upcoming project please contact us.

Our production crew will be in Arizona May 2016. If you have a need for some stills or video for an upcoming project please contact us.

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