Wildlife Documentaries and Natural World Productions and Publications

Born out of the love for wildlife and nature, Ferret Fred Productions is an independent multimedia wildlife documentary and educational production company, focusing on wildlife, conservation efforts and environmental issues facing the Neotropic ecozone.

We create eye-catching multimedia productions and publications that are informative in subject matter . . . designed to educate and create awareness of matters influencing our environment . . . to improve basic understanding of the natural world through video and print . . . connecting people with nature and inspiring them to protect and conserve wildlife.

Our company seeks to motivate our youth to become involved . . . to build a wildlife conservation mentality leading to their involvement in research, education, and community-based conservation projects.

We collaborate with independent conservationists and grass roots NGOs whose efforts are critical to the wildlife they are dedicated to preserve, yet often they have no form of significant financial support. To aid their efforts, we build a mechanism into every one of our products to distribute a percentage of profits directly to the group that worked with us to create these documentaries and publications.

In addition to our multimedia productions, the images and video we have collected are available for your use in feature films, documentaries, commercials, internet, ebooks and press.